Why do you want to become a member? Let me count the reasons…

1. You want to receive 10% off all workshops for the year.

2. You like feeling like a VIP and getting advanced and member-only invitations to special Studio events, like our developing seminar series and publishing outlets.

3. You love writing and support what we do. That is, you value the community we’re building and want to become an integral part of its functioning.

We all know it’s true. Go ahead and embrace the love.

It’s only $65 for the entire year.


How do you become a member?

Well, you can:

Send us a check for $65 made out to Boulder Writing Studio, 777 Pearl Street, Suite 211, Boulder, CO 80302.


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Then what?

You’re ready to go! Guess it’s time to sign up for that workshop you’ve been eyeing, eh?