Where will the workshops be held?

  • All workshops will be held at Boulder Writing Studio’s new location: 777 Pearl Street, Suite 211, Boulder, CO 80302.


How can I register for a workshop?

  • If you are interested in signing up, you can either mail a check to: Boulder Writing Studio, 777 Pearl Street, Suite 211, Boulder CO 80302 [please indicate the workshop you are registering for on your check],or register online using Paypal:


How many times will each workshop meet?

  • It varies with each workshop. Typically, workshops meet once per week and last anywhere from 5-10 sessions.


How many writers per workshop?

  • Class size will be limited to 8 writers for the Fiction, Non-Fiction & Screenwriting workshops, 12 writers for the “Absolute Beginner” workshop. Limiting class size is something we at Boulder Writing Studio feel strongly about as we want to assure that each writer receives proper attention and personal feedback.    *Follow-up workshops will be offered in the next term to ensure continuity.


Can I cancel? 

As part of our efforts to maintain small class sizes, we request a commitment to the space reserved for you upon registration. Thus, if you need to cancel or transfer a workshop for any reason, the following refund schedule applies:
More than a week before start date:
  • $50 cancellation fee for all multiple-session workshops
  • $30 for one-day
Less than one week before start date:
  • $75 cancellation fee for multiple-session workshops
  • $45 cancellation for one-days