Two years ago, one snowy night, as I worked with a small group of my university students on their stories, I shared with them my longtime dream of building a home for writers in our community. It would be a place where writers would go to build their craft, share the trials and triumphs of bringing their personal and important projects to meaningful fruition, and showcase the power of the written word. To my delight, my dream almost instantaneously became our dream, and Boulder Writing Studio was born.

In the short time since, we’ve tripled the number of writing workshops offered in our quarterly sessions, seen a 500% increase in enrollment in our Kids’ Creative Writing Summer Camps, secured a dedicated space, and celebrated our members’ successes as they signed with literary agents, won fellowships, and published stories and essays. Our dream of a viable organization devoted to the written word has become a reality. But to continue filling this core artistic and cultural need in our community, we still need your help!

Your year-end, tax-deductible donation will help us realize our ambitious goals for 2013. These goals include:

  • Establishing an Afterschool Creative Writing Program for our community youth, including our Second Language Learner (SLL) youth.
  • Endowing our Youth Scholarship Fund for disadvantaged youth.
  • Hosting Community Readings, Sunday Night Films, and Seminar Series
  • Creating an online and print publishing outlet to showcase our community’s diverse and important voices.


Please consider making as generous a gift as you can. Individuals like you are the lifeblood of this organization. We cannot do this without you! Help us Spread the Words.