Course Descriptions

Winter/Spring Workshops 2015

Writing the Short Story | Gatewood | Mondays | 6:30-8:30pm | 8 sessions
Have you ever wanted to write your own vibrant short story with provocative characters and rousing plots? Under Robert’s accomplished direction, you will be lead into a discussion of the history and evolution of the short story, explore a wide variety of writing techniques, and become acquainted with the kind of work that’s being published today. This workshop will also help you identify the compelling elements of creative writing and encourage you to produce original pages, with the goal of completing and submitting for publication a short story by the end of the workshop. This 8-week workshop will provide plenty of opportunities to receive feedback from both Robert and your fellow writers. So whether you’ve written a hundred pages or none at all, anyone interested in writing and developing their own short story is encouraged to join us.
Poetry Chapbook | Robinson | Tuesdays | 6:30-8:30pm | 6 sessions
This workshop welcomes poets who want to generate fresh new poems as well as those who want to practice assembling and arranging those poems into a manuscript.  We will do in-class writing exercises, respond to eachother’s poems, and create a group of poems that speak to each other as a interlocking manuscript.  Renowned poet Elizabeth Robinson will lead poets of all levels in this exploration of the dual joys of writing and editing.
Creative Nonfiction & Memoir | McVey | Wednesdays | 6:30-8:30pm | 6 sessions

From memoir to magazine article, creative nonfiction is evolving in new and exciting directions. In this workshop, we will explore the rich terrain of creative non-fiction – including memoir, literary journalism, nature writing, biography, and history. Our main focus will be how to transform our expertise, experience and observations into compelling stories. Every attempt will be made to customize the workshop – including exercises, reading assignments and writing “prompts” tailored to each participant’s project. Writers also will have the opportunity to submit original work and receive thoughtful feedback from the instructor and their peers. In addition to hands-on editorial advice, the instructor will offer tips on the publishing and writing processes.

Advanced Screenwriting | Gatewood | Thursdays | 6:30-8:30pm | 9 sessons (+ 2)
Accomplished novelist, instructor, screenwriter, and studio director, Robert Gatewood directs this workshop intended for screenwriters with experience in the screenplay form. Under Robert’s lauded professional mentorship, students will be driven by a simple but profound goal: to produce as many draft pages of a full-length screenplay as possible [85–120 pages, approx.], with each writer taking their art & craft to a new level. Weekly workshops will include a rotation of conversations about The Elements of Screenwriting, mini-peer work-shops, screenings, cold readings, live exercises, in-studio writing time, and ongoing individual mentoring with Robert. We will also build into the existing schedule a pair of “Lockdown Sunday” sessions — 3-hour blocks during which we will convene to make new pages and screen select pertinent films. A fundamental understanding of the screenplay form and format are prerequisite to the workshop.