Boulder Writing Studio is a non-profit whose mission is to support emerging local voices and connect our community through the literary arts. Since 2010, the Studio has promoted and encouraged the art and craft of writing, the bold magic of self expression, and the power of the written word to transform our individual and collective lives.

The Studio offers workshops, community events, kids programs and more within Boulder and its neighboring communities– going beyond instruction to become a hub for writing across the Front Range. We  focus on all writing forms, from short story to screenplay, magazine article to memoir, and provide opportunities for all levels to meaningfully engage with other writers and further their ability- from the absolute beginner to the published author.At the heart of the Studio is a team of accomplished writers and instructors deeply committed to making the writing arts a vital part of our community.

Here’s a taste of what we’re working to bring to Boulder now:

-An Afterschool Creative Writing Program for our community youth, including our Second Language Learners (SLLs).
-A Youth Scholarship Fund for disadvantaged youth.
-Community Readings, Sunday Night Films, and a Seminar Series
-An online and print publishing outlet to showcase our community’s diverse and important voices.

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